Matt Mullican Lightbox 1
Matt Mullican
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Matt Mullican - Untitled, 2000


Matt Mullican
Untitled (1), 2000
Transparency in Duratran lightbox
16 x 20 x 5 in. / 40.6 x 50.8 x 12.7 cm.
Edition of 8

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Matt Mullican Lightbox 1
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Matt Mullican is an American conceptual artist whose diverse output can best be described as an attempt to order and categorize the World at large. He has worked in a number of media, including painting, sculpture, textiles, drawing, animation, electronics and even hypnosis and performance. Mullican has developed a color code system for identifying the five main aspects of the world. These color symbols are combined with the varying media (such as oilstick rubbings on canvas) to create a dynamic and voluminous visual structure.