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Ed Ruscha & Raymond Pettibon - Safe, 1999


Ed Ruscha & Raymond Pettibon
Safe, 1999
Lithograph on shaped paper
16 3/4 x 17 in. / 42.5 x 43.2 cm.
Edition of 36

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Ruscha Pettibon Safe.jpg

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Ed Ruscha is a major innovator of the Pop Art movement. His work has long been associated with text: words, ironic sayings, whimsical phrases. Primarily a painter, he has also produced a number of printed editions, drawings, photographs and artist’s books. At times he has also employed a variety of non-art materials in his creations such as food, lipstick, gunpowder.

Raymond Pettibon is an artist that has associations with both the illustration and punk rock scenes. He rose to prominence in the 1980s drawing posters and album covers for his brother’s band Black Flag. His illustrations are usually combined with text (collections of disparate thoughts and dialog). In exhibitions, Pettibon often installs groups of drawings on and around large-scale wall drawings. Highly prolific, his drawings and prints tend to utilize repeated characters and motifs, including surfers, baseball players, trains and Gumby,