Fred Sandback Untitled, Jahn number 53
Fred Sandback

Fred Sandback - Untitled (Jahn 53), 1976


Fred Sandback
Untitled (Jahn #53), 1976
Woodcut on Japanese paper
with cut edge
14 x 18 7/8 in. / 35.6 x 47.9 cm.
Edition of 35 (with 10 Artist’s Proofs)
Published by Brooke Alexander

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Fred Sandback Untitled, Jahn number 53

Additional Info

This work is an Artist’s Proof from the edition of 35, published by Brooke Alexander. It is unframed.

Fred Sandback was a sculptor who worked in a combination of Minimalist and Conceptual practices. He is best known for his sculpture installations, which employed the simple device of groupings of single strands of colored yarn suspended in a room. The yarn could be placed in a variety of arrangements, such as ceiling to floor, wall to floor, or wall to wall. The visual effect was to divide the space of an empty room into structural components. His prints and drawings can be seen as thoughts on the placement of lines in space and in relation to each other.