Brooke Alexander published “Focus I-V” with Brice Marden in 1980. They are listed as entry #32 in “Brice Marden Prints 1961-1991” by Jeremy Lewison. In the catalogue raisonne Lewison says:

”Of all the prints that Marden has made these are the smallest images. They were made at the same time as 'Untitled’ 1979 (no. 33) and ‘The Skowhegan Print’ (no. 34), after Marden had made ‘12 Views for Caroline Tatyana’ (no. 29) and ‘Tiles’ (no. 31).

The theme of the series is related to the themes of ‘12 Views for Caroline Tatyana’ and ‘Five Threes’ (no. 28) in terms of the division of the plane into window and door-like panels. It is also closely connected to Marden’s interest in Roman painting. These prints are distinguished from the earlier portfolios by the pronounced sense of depth arising from the juxtaposition of colours and from the division of the plane down the centre. Marden was beginning to feel a sense of crisis in Minimal art, that he could not continue simply to make paintings which asserted the flatness of the plane. He wanted his art to become more complicated and so he began to introduce space in his graphics. He thinks of these images almost as ‘theatrical settings'. They are also frames within frames. Marden recalls that he probably chose to print them in green because he had been considering using green in ‘12 views for Caroline Tatyana’ and ‘Tiles’.

In addition to the proofs listed above there are sixteen sets of stage proofs in which Marden tried out other colours as well as different intensities of the green. These have not been seen by the author.”

-Jeremy Lewison, ‘Brice Marden Prints 1961-1991, A Catalogue Raisonne’, page 133